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October 07, 2007



What's even more amazing is that our team was as decimated by injuries as SC's was, but without the 5-star backups. We lost our starting FB Emeka Nnoli during fall camp (necrotizing hip injury), starting LB Fred Campbell to a career ending broken neck, our two best NFL prospects LT Allen Smith and NT Ekom Udofia, and who many feel is our best running back, Toby Gerhardt. With a qb making his first start, to boot!


Living in LA I had a number of friends at this game. Probably the top upset of the last 10 years. Inexperienced Stanford QB playing at #1 USC coming from behind to win despite being 41 point underdogs. Simply madness.

Even if on this night a couple of years ago you were a Trojan fan you've got to admit that these sorts of upsets are part of what makes us love college football.

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