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November 27, 2005


Tim Trujillo

Your analysis of the game is interesting but flawed. (Almost as flawed as Dan Fouts' commentary when he indicated that the Irish were making a fatal flaw by calling timeout when Stanford was at the Irish 4 yard line with just over 2 minutes remaining. Apparently, Dan failed to realize that 2 minutes was more than enough time for the Cardinal to score even if they were out of timeouts and not in a hurry up offense.) Stanford ran on first down from the four with no gain. The Irish called timeout and that left them with two remaining. If Stanford runs two more running plays and does not get in the end zone (which seemed quite possible given the weak Cardinal rushing attack), the Irish use their two timeouts and little time runs off the clock. Further, there is a significant risk that Stanford does not score a touchdown if it is facing a fourth down in that situation when the Irish no longer have to honor the running game. On fourth down, either we score or turn the ball over on downs. Either way the clock stops. Therefore, the Irish would be left with approximately two minutes if we did score if the Cardinal followed your plan. Needless to say, two minutes is an eternity in college football given that the clock stops on first downs. I think that the Irish used just over 1 minute in scoring against the Cardinal. I believed that they used 1 timeout but they also started running the ball near the Cardinal goal in order to use more clock. There is no doubt in my mind that the Irish score in less than a minute if they needed to.

Also, Brady is having a great season. He went into the game with approximately 27 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. It does not hurt his publicity that he plays for the Irish, but give credit where it was due. Are you due to wear the Lepracaun outfit?

TC Ostrander had a great arm and played a great game. He appeared much more mobile than Edwards.

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